Heather Cox Richardson

“This is a moment for Americans who care about our democracy and who care about returning to our fundamental principles…”

Heather Cox Richardson

(b. 1962)

Professor Heather Cox Richardson is a “political historian who uses facts and history to put the news in context.” She is a professor of history at Boston College and has authored several books on history and politics. She has completed extensive research and is an expert regarding The Civil War, the Republican party, the Reconstruction Era, and Native American history.

During the Trump administration, Professor Cox Richardson began to write daily, “Letters from An American,” on her social media platform. The letters began in reference to Congressman Adam Schiff publicly calling out the acting director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, about his silence regarding a whistleblower complaint, information the director is obliged to share.

Ms. Richardson said, “I recognized because I’m a political historian, that this was the first time that a member of Congress had found a specific law that they were accusing a specific member of the executive branch of violating.” In her estimation, this was very significant and she chose to amplify it.

This set off a flurry of questions from the public and established her daily log — her daily writings quickly becoming extremely popular among those absolutely thirsting for the Truth. Her fact-based summaries of the day’s events in context with historical events set off countless revelations that many of America’s high school history books recorded a false narrative — one taught through a white, patriarchal filter, often excluding the contributions of Women and Minorities, but more importantly, absolutely whitewashing the horrors of human behavior.

Professor Cox Richardson also uses her internet platform to teach both Current Event and American History classes, generously answering questions from her many, many followers. She often uses the opportunity to sound the alarm, encouraging her listeners to realize their power as citizens to make change for justice and equality for all. 

She is a strong and respected voice distilling the truth in an era of deliberate disinformation, alerting us to the fragility of our nation’s democracy, particularly after the Insurrection, a violent assault on our Capitol on January 6, 2021, by followers of the 45th president of our United States where several police officers and others were threatened and killed.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, many planners of the violent insurrection actually freely walk the halls of our Capitol and threaten our American Democracy.

It “feels like a crisis moment in America.”

The short list:

  • Professor HCR is a professor at Boston College and has written several books on American history, mostly regarding the Reconstruction Era and Native American history.
  • Believes we are in a crisis moment in our democracy and encourages her social media followers to find a way to get involved on the local level.
  • Uses her platform to research and distill the events of the day and how they fit into the context of our country’s history.
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