Muriel Bowser

“Law enforcement should be in place to protect the rights of American citizens, not restrict them.”

Muriel Bowser

b. August 2, 1972

Muriel Bowser is presently the 8th mayor of the District of Columbia. She is also a proud supporter of “Black Lives Matter, ” a movement strengthened by the nation’s collective reaction to the killing of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd. A police officer knelt on Mr. Floyd’s neck for several minutes, all caught entirely on tape.

She commissioned a large pavement painting (Art from “Murals DC”) on the road leading right up to our nation’s capitol. It was a bold message to the former president, Donald Trump, that he should not be encroaching on the autonomy of American citizens who pay their taxes [in a local city], after he ordered Federal police officers and brought in the National Guard following a peaceful BLM protest. 

“We had to push back [and send] an affirming message, more justice and more peace and fairness in policing.” 

There are 700,000 Americans who live in the District of Columbia and pay taxes. Mayor Bowser is fighting for statehood as D.C. does not have senators to represent them in our congress.

The short list:

  • 8th Mayor of the District of Columbia.
  • Sent a message via a large “Black Lives Matter” mural on the street near our Nation’s Capitol building.
  • She is fighting for statehood for the district since it has no actual representation in our Congress.
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