The Journey Begins

Since March, we’ve been doing quite a bit of research using your suggestions. We also came across a very interesting book, Her Story, A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America, by Waisman and Tietjen. So interesting and full of so many examples! In a way, it’s complicating our process, making it harder to decide who to focus on! So, we will do what many women do — go with our gut instincts.

As of today, June 4, 2018, we have definitely decided to spotlight Gabby Giffords and Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Gabby’s service to Arizona and then her strength, perseverance, and dedicated recovery after the shooting in Tucson makes her our ideal candidate. And, we believe the focus on today’s Parkland kids will continue. These “kids” are the adults. It’s remarkable how the vibrations of Marjory Stoneman Douglas’s have translated to the present day by osmosis.

Continued gratitude for your suggestions and kind thoughts. We look forward to your suggestions and insights in the creation process of celebrating the 19th Amendment by honoring nineteen incredible American women in history, from the very genesis of “America” to these present day united states.


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