Please follow our progress…

Thank you for landing here on our page and following our journey. We are honing in on some of our first picks and have a few in process simultaneously.

We always knew we wanted to pay homage to Gabby Giffords. Her tenacity and fierce drive to do great things for her Arizona community ripples out to all corners of this copper state. And, this piece will ultimately convey that.

Next, we are also researching early African slave women to find just the right story to coincide with our next pick — someone who keeps herself grounded by paying tribute on particularly rough days to those who suffered at the hands of white slave owners, many who thought of them as “animals” and thought nothing of purchasing and separating African slave families. Interesting that we are witnessing some Americans today carrying the same ignorant  attitudes forward nearly 300 years later. Will America ever learn? It’s important to us to show examples of women who offset the hatefulness and rose above the malevolence and changed the world for good.

Some of our current headlines regarding gun sense has brought a remarkable woman to the surface for us, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. We think her smarts, tenacity and fearlessness may have been embedded in the walls of a certain high school, subtly influencing a group of young and brave students as they discover their voices amidst the political fighting and chaos. But, more on her later.

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